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For almost a year I've had horrible excessive sweating on my underarms. It is so embarassing, and i'm embarassed to wear tighter clothing for few that someone will see the stains. I've tried about a dozen different antiperspirants and my doctor also prescribed me Drysol, which worked for about a week and has stopped working no matter what I try. Has anyone with this problem tried Odaban, and does it work? I know I could get the Botox...but I'm deathly afraid of needles, haha.
I too had this problem a while back.I got Certain Dry.It just comes from the drug store.You put it on at night at bedtime.You only use a few times and it works for a few weeks.You still use your regular deodarent(sp?).I swear this actually worked wonders!!I had went on the internet and researched the botox thing myself.This cut out almost all of my sweating.Good luck.