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okay quick question.
Next week she is having botox injection in her foot (achilles?) then it is being stretched and put in a cast. I would think this would be painful. Am I right?
Botox? Yeah, it's somewhat painful while they're doing it, as they put needles into the muscle. But after that it shouldn't be too bad, the Botox makes it easier to stretch.

Of course, I never had casts after Botox, so maybe I don't know :)
I had Botox injections at 27 y/o - in my left gastrocnemius (calf) and both adductors (inner thigh). As for being painful or not, I think it varies from case to case. My neurologist didn't use electrically guided needle and the injections were not painful for me. Unfortunately Botox did not work for me at all but it does can be effective for some adults with CP. If Botox works its effect can last from weeks to 3-4 or more months. Some people may feel headache, flu-like symptoms, numbness or weakness in the injected muscles. I felt very mild numbness in my calf the next day but it subsided on the third day. Other than this I had no effects at all (either positive or negative). I had no cast.

Anyway, I think it's worth to give it a try.

Good luck! :)