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Hi all,
Had to share with people who realise what an achievement this is...My sons new quad sticks arrived on Tuesday and today he got up on them of his own volition and walked a couple of metres, albeit like a drunken sailor! But none the less the motivation is there. I got so excited and his smile was a mile wide!! The count is on, 19 days till botox so we are trying to strengthen his core muscles as much as possible. My son especially loves his excercises on the trampoline.
Sobannon, I feel for you, there will be some very difficult days ahead but also some truly amazing ones too!
Take care all.
Hi Kandy,
Am I right in guessing your child has right side spastic hemi? My son has spastic diplegia but I do know a right side hemi, she is 4 and can walk independently, jump etc. She has botox to stave off the stiffness. I would consider her "mild", but keep in mind everyone is different so what one child with hemiplegia might be able to do, the next child won't or will have difficulty doing so. Sorry, there are no definitive answers. Welcome aboard.