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some of you may know me and for those I am writing to let ya know what is goin' on :) If not, I had a fusion of L4-5/L5-S1 Dec 2004 and consider it a success. I have had issues with my cervical spine. That took me out of work initially, not my back. but, my back was worse so we focused on that. I had a pinched nerve at the cervical level but after an ESI that has resolved. Before, my pain was def low back, with some muscle tightness in the neck/trap areas. But not a big deal. When I would wake up in the am, I'd beg hubby to rub my low back. Not anymore, that really doesn't bother me. Now, I wake up with burning pain between my shoulder blades and this has been going on for some time.
I have used TENS, Botox, myofacial release, PT, zanaflex etc...massage, acupuncture.
Nothing keeps this at bay. I have huge knots from my upper waist to the base of my head and ALWAYS hurt. I call my problem chronic discomfort.
SO, went in today to new doc to see about botox again, I thought it worked a little in the past. So, he asked when my last cervical MRI was-two years ago give or take. He said, in the past in med school, some med students were injected with normal saline at various levels of the neck and were asked to show where the pain was. At my level (C5-7) the pain was EXACTLY where I hurt. My neck, traps, and from my spine over to my shoulder blades. So, he said maybe another ESI or nerve block. I will be interested in learning if my condition has changed. I know there is degeneration and small bulges, but not much else. I really didn't think my muscle pain was related to my C-spine. I guess we'll see
Hubby and I are going to Orlando for seven days starting the 24, so my MRI is scheduled for the 6 of april, injections later that day, assuming I am a candidate.
SO, we'll see. was hoping maybe I was done for now with my discs, but guess not. I just hope I am not looking at another surgery in the next five years!