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I am 23 with cp and when I was nine I was registered with a orthopeadic consultant in reading, near from where I live, but from day 1 it has been false promises! he kept saying he would have to wait for my muscles to grow before he could do surgery. Then when I was 14 he sent me for gait anaylasis sais would need my knees, hips, and ankles, plus muscles. said it was 2 much, plus muscles were too weak. but when I spoke to physio she thought I could of done with tendons and other muscles doing.
now I am 23 and I have stopped seeing my consultant because everytime he would say next time he might do some surgery, but never did. Now I am seeing a dr who decided to give me botox I am now walking up to nearly 2 miles and I can walks some steps without crutches. When I was speaking to dr he said he was suprised my consultant didn't want to try botox, and why didn't he send me back for gait anaylasis if improved so much! So he has told me to go and get a refferal to oxford. as he said different consultant could have different opion.
would love 2 hear from people that had same experience and how they went about getting second opion