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[QUOTE=bunglemc;2895319]Hi there, I am interested in the baclofen as we have been offered a trial of this as have been told it can take down the extremely high tone my son has. He also used to have big sleep problems but only now wakes really early each morning no matter what time he goes to bed. We have been offered an oral baclofen trial but we have not tried yet because of 2 reasons
1) we were told it can cause sedation and we dont want this as he is doing really well learning at school
2) we have been told it can increase the seizure threshold and am a bit loathed to try it because we have been 4 years seizure free and on no medication and dont want to risk the return of seizures as the kind my son had were infantile spasms or West syndrome and only one third of children grow out of these (he is this one third!)

I would be interested in anyones experience on oral baclofen?? We could be missing something really worthwhile???? Hard to weigh up the benefits vs the risks!
my son levi has half a tablet in the morning and half a tablet in the evening the doc said trial it and if it does make him to dopey and weak to just stop the does in the morn or cut it back to a quater i find since my son has been on this he is more relaxed and really happy it must be working to relax him because he is able to move a lot more freely my son has severe cp spastic quad and after 2 years of bad sleepless nights this is a miricle drug you will just have to think about the pros and cons do u want your son to be more relaxed and settled and risk the chance of seizures coming back or not take the chance i would have a really good talk to his doctor if he takes it and the seizures come back has he said if they will stay or will they go again if u took him off it?? like i said it has done wonders to my sons life it makes me smile to see what a difference it has made he is even babbling more since being on it and is eating better and i think it has relaxed him so he is not as constipated as he was i am looking forward to his botox because both of them working together will sure releave him from the tension good luck your his mother make the choice that u feel is right follow your heart