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Babs is tiotally right, when ESI fail, , nothingismore helpful than a strong core and that can only be achieved by excercise and PT. There are other modalities such as nerve blocks, trigger point injections, treatment for nerve pain but if the bulkof your pain is back pain, strengthening your back is the most effective way at resolving your problem. Keep in mind each and every doc is just giving you there opinion. If one doc says there is nothing else that can be done, That just means he knows of nothing else that can be done. Pain management docs varry in capabilty, some can do no more than ordere an ESI and right scripts, some do interventional procedures like bnerve blocks, nerve ablation, use Botox, , Some docs can step u to the most advanced methods of pain relief like Implanted spinal cord stims or intrathecal pumps, but if you haven't een started down the PM road and use of anti seizure meds, anti depresants, counseling, a pump is still a long way off. The internet has really leveled the playing field and when a doc says there is nothing more he can do, you can easily do some research and name a dozen different modalities and methods that he's simply not trained to do. So he will never offfer something he hasn't been trained in.

I saw a dozen PM docs over 7 years and had 3 surgeries before my pain was adressed with long acting pain meds. I learned Bio feedback, self hypnosis, guided imagry, went to 3 month long PM boot camps, met with nutrionists, met with physical medicine docs, tried acupuncture, chiropractic, a TEns unit, TINS, trigger point injections and more rounds of PT than I can list. The bottom line is there is almost always something else available, it's just a matter of your docs ability and training in other areas and other modalities.

Even the need for surgery changes from one surgeon to the next. Just because the first surgeon you saw said you didn't need surgery, doesn't mean fusing your spine and preventing further compression of nerves and crushing of bad discs can't be stoped. Every doc has an opinion, if you ask 10 docs, you get 10 opinions. Don't let one or two docs condemn you to a life of pain if you know you haven't tried everything else you have read about.

Hang in there, Dave