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Hi Rayefaye, I know what your saying about seeing a doc that's been under investigation. We have had a few hear that have been prosecuted and I've known a couple of their patients,. They are not only treated by the medical community differently, but some pharmacies won't even fill scripts written by these docs. The fact he isn't using any class 11 meds kinda suggests he's been sanctioned and had to give up his DEA number or it's been modified to prevent prescring them.

If this is your GP or even if it isn't, If all he can do is write a script, he's hardly providing the best care you could recieve. Does he do trigger point injections, have you ever had a occiptial block or does he use botox "myoblock " on your neck. Cervicle dystonia is one of the few medical conditions in which your insurance will pay and aprove it's use. Botox has allowed my wife to decrease her med intake by 2/3rds, She can feel it by the 10th week when it's time to go again, but it's better than the way the meds efected my wife.

I too often read about people finding a doc that cares or understands or is sympethetic. Empethy is nice, but it doesn't mean your going to get the best care availabale or the right care. Not every doc does invasice procedures like nerve blocks or uses Botox, Not every doc is competant to manage and implant an SCS or a morphine pump. The docs that have one or two tricks up their sleeve like anti seizure meds and pain meds and offer nothing else, aren't PM docs. They are simply docs treating your pain as any doc can.

You dentitst could prescribe these meds and hang Pain management specialist on his front door. The sad thing is, these docs that only know of the meds a rep told them about or they happened to read about usually offer the same meds or modalities to every single patient and expect the same miracle reponse that a few patients that are helped by less invasive or agressive methods do. But what about all the patient that norco and Neurontin still doesn't help. Doe he do lidocaine or robaxin infusions in his office, Is he capable of doing any interventional procedures and the scary part is we take surgical advice from these guys that say surgery wouldn't help, Are they surgeons? Do they have any buisness whatsover giving you a surgical opinion. Even if he saw what he thoougt was a massive bulge or tumor on your spine, just because he says you need surgery, an sctual surgeon would still have to agree to do the op. So his suggestion, whether pro or con surgery is really pretty worthless.

The same thing happens with modalities these docs don't offer. It's easy to say accupuncture doesn't help people when it's something you don't offer, It's easy to say an SCS wouldn't help if he doesn't iplant or manage SCS. It's really up to you how much power you give a doc over your life. Agreeing to treat your pain with meds or giving a patient an icrease, doesn't make a good PM doc good. It just means your still within his comfort level.

I don't know how you go from norco to this rediclous state of anelgesic induced hyperalgesia. True cases are so rare, you would only expect to see it on House eppisode where the strange patient cries out in pain when given an opiate pain med. Sure it happens on occaision, but's an easy excuse to say it's time to chill the meds because i'm no longer comofrtable.

I hapened to ask my docs about it at my last 2 apts, my pump doc is a anesthesilogist /DO who did a surgical residency to manage and implant pumps and SCS and my other doc is a neurologist /psychiatrists. He did his double major in med school back when they didn't have the specalty of neuro psychiatry. Both docs thought the likelyhood of seeing it in an increasing percentage of patients would be just as rare as seeing someone in the ER scream in pain after being given a shot of morphine.

The idea is total bunk and just because some doc wrote a paper on it and used a limit number of control subjects doesn't make this theory even close to being true. You can find info to support just about any position you could ever imagine.

I live where PETA has it's headquaters, They put up billboards suggesting your child is better off drinking beer than milk. Nothing like seeing a baby with a nice head of foam on his lips every morning on your drive to work to make you wonder what why these people care more about some cat in a third world country than they do about the people that live in poverty just blocks from their multi million dollar building on the river just blocks away from the poorest of the poor.

Yes there are digestve reasons why they made this absurd statement, humans didn't evolve as milk drinkers untill they had the ablity to keep it from spoiling, prior to this they had lots of reported problems with drinking milk which they later simply called lactose intolerance or simple food poisenoing from drinking foul milk. That's a far cry from beer being better for your infant than milk but a great example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

Anyway, Opiate iduced hyperalgesia, :dizzy: :blob_fire :dizzy: sounds so much better than the truth, when a doc simply isn't comfortable prescbing thses meds and hasn't the knowledge to try or suggest anything else. If the only reason you haven't left your prsenet doc is fear of loosng what little bit of relief you have is your only reason for staying, Think about the long road, How many years wil you waste on a doc that simply has nothing more to offer you than your neighborhood dentist.

Another poster mentioned seing a GP that specialized in pain management and addiction management. Exactly which specialty allowed this guy into their ranks to be certified, Anesthesilogy, Neurology or physical medicine as they are the only truly certified PM docs in the country? I gues he has a double major in psyciatry to become an addiction specialist but choose to practice family medecine rather than a specialty like psychiatry. Anyone can make any claim they want, specially when the only requirement to call yourself a PM doc is the ability to write a script.

If you have to spend the next 30 years dealing with this problem, what's 6 months to find a new doc that can offer more and doesn't instantly get you labeled based on his own misconduct. JMO,
Good luck, Dave
Hi Shoreline, the GP in question is no longer practicing he surrendered his license for the second time over two yrs. ago. My current GP is certified to do the other things you mention so the next step for me is find a pain management specialist. Which won't be too hard there because we have two well known schools of medicine nearby. I live not to far away from Duke Unversity Hospital, I was taken there three yrs. ago when I had pnuemonia and it was a very good hospital. Also not too far away is the University of NC at Chapel Hill which is also a good hospital. I have tried Botox but it didn't help me because it took so long for someone to figure what was wrong and by then the muscles were too far gone. But I am checking into the pain clinics that these two hospitals have and hope to find someone who can help. The GP I have not is just your regular family doctor who really doesn't know that much about how to treat both conditions. Thanks for your suggestions.