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Umm quick information.....
I was researching my Neurologists' background and specialties...
Hmmm,. under his name...well here
Neurology Consultants and Sleep Disorder Clinic
and under that states....
Electomyography/BOTOX/ Sleep Apnea /Nerve TEsting..

Now to me this is NOT a Neuro Surgeon.,, he is a NEEDLE FREAK!
Where in the heck does BOTOX come into play with EMG's and CVN's and Spine disorders.. there is NOTHING that states anything relating to the spine..
Trust me.. My husband and I have decided to NOT go to him and to find someone else....
Why put me through this test when we know what nerve it is.... and the fact that his bedside manor sucks.. and then the called me a baby and to suck it up. when he was doing my exam that was only 10 minutes.. he puts my R leg way over my head as I am screaming in pain...and then my L one.. and then he tells me that I have Peripheal Neuropathy..
Umm Are you all thinkin the same thing.. Whewwwww
This is not cosmetic Botox that is given in the face to help with wrinkles. Botox is using Botox to treat a condition called dystonia and spascity which is severe and uncontrollable muscles spasms. I suffer from cervical dystonia which is severe muscle spasms of the neck and was given these shots to help with the muscle spasms.
Yes, I've also read about doctors using BOTOX to help relieve muscle spasms in various parts of the body. Since botox paralyzes the small muscles in the face when you get the shot for cosmetic reasons, (that is why these movie stars have no wrinkles and no more facial expressions)...it is thought that it could be used to calm down spasms of larger muscles. Dermatologist also use BOTOX for severe underarm sweating as another off-market use. So it's not uncommon for docs to try meds that aren't approved for a specific condition, if they think it might help with another. When I had severe spasms, I would have tried it if someone brought it up to me as they were unbearable.