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This is both something I have considered (and still do for myself) but am so up in the air about that I have a hard time endorsing it. But, I understand your problem as I have the same issue. So, I have heard that Botox is sort of a temporary cure for sweating underarms. I don't know enough about it to explain why but, I am sure you can do a search on it and find answers. I just don't know what I think about it. It is injecting botulism (sp) into your body. It can cause paralysis and other more minor symptoms. But, some swear by it. You might look into it. Otherwise, I don't know what else to tell you as I haven't found the miracle cure or even a valid reason for my nasty sweating issues. And, believe me...I understand how embarrassing the pretty little pool under your arms all over your shirts is! I have really tried to embrace it and just call myself out for it as of late. I figure, if I can say..."Ewww! Look how disgusting I am right now." perhaps others won't feel the need to snicker behind my back when it happens. My times do tend to be tied to my cycle but, that is still around 2 weeks of torture out of 4 weeks each month. So...it still...well...STINKS!

Take care and, if you figure it out, please let me know so I can fix it for myself!
I have had sweaty palms and feet for forever. The doctor has said that it is a form of hyperhydrosis. There are many different treatments. Some include Botox injections, some include having the sweat glands removed, and some include having the nerves cut or burned. There are many other treatments as well. I am not really aware of all of them. I am currently not using any treatment. I used to get a prescription for some alcohol based liquid and just rub it on when they get sweaty. Now I use hand sanitizer without moisturizer, because it has alcohol, which dries it for a little bit. But, I guess that would not neccessarily work on the underarms. I plan on bringing it up at my next doctors appointment, but right now I am having to keep my doctor focused on one subject at a time, which right now happens to be my kidneys.
I hope that you find a solution that works for you!!