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Surprising as this sounds, I'm even more mystified (and looking for any responses). For the past 4 years or so, myself, my son (21) and daughter (19) have all had the same kind of neck spasm in the very same place, and repeatedly. From between the shoulder blades, always on the left side, continuing up thru the trapezius, up the left side of the neck, and ending at the left mastoid. It is a painful, burning muscle spasm pulling very tightly downward...and often causes near migraine headache at the base of the skull. It can last a few days, or a few months....and can be very painful to touch. Once when I had the spasm lasting weeks I swore if it had gotten any worse I'd have suspected encephalitis. Over time the spasm subsides, but my son says he's had his since winter. I am baffled. What kind of origin might this be? Could a same virus repeatedly attack us all ? I've even considered a Botox shot in the muscle -- it's been that bad. Any input here?