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I have had trigger point injections done at Dr Gelb's office in NYC both inside and outside the jaw - 2 types of meds were used one was lydacaine (sp?) and the other either an analgesic or steriod, not sure. My dentist also tried a series of shots using a analgesic and muslce relaxant. Both then massaged and strecthed the jaw and facial muscles and under the tongue - to be honest I did not think either helped but some people do get relief or see improvement. 2 neurologists I have seen for facial, jaw and neck pain also suggested a form of botox injections, again something other members have mentioned can also help, which have to be repeated every 2-3 months for continued benefits.

I don't think there is too much risk with this other than being over stretched by the therapy done after the injections but if the therapist is well trained in tmj and does not over manipulate your jaw it should be fine - I'm not sure if one session though will work, it may take several to maintain any benefits. Try searching the web for trigger point injections - I think it may also be used on other joints throughout the body.