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[QUOTE=ohavgevesim;3112467]I [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="5"]I am an adult with CP who is a new member. As a child I wore a spica cast from my toes to my groin at night from the age of 4-13. I do not know why I had to undergo serial casting. I also had an operation when I was 15 on my heelchords and hamstrings and wore skintight plaster toe to groin leg casts. Again I don't know exactly why my legs were casted. Finally when I was 17 I had a hip release operation and both my legs were casted from my toes to my groin in skintight plaster cats in traction with my right leg hanging down which was operated on and my left leg was not operated on at first nevertheless it was placed in the same type of cast hanging up - why was my left leg was not operated on for awhile and yet immobilized in the cast in traction? Why were my legs casted in traction after the hip operation? I have ambivalent feelings about having been in all these casts (at times pleasurable and at times frustrating) I welcome the opportunity to hear from others their subjective experiences and feelings of being in leg casts. thanks much sincerly ohav gevesim[/FONT]

My son who is now 3 may be wearing serial casting in about 6 weeks or so. He will be getting botox in both of his legs, and then about a week later he will have leg casts that go from his groin to his feet. I understand that this is done to help stretch and lengthen those muscles ie....hamstrings, calves, soleus, so many more. I'm not sure if we will do it because he is so mobile now, and it will be miserable for him along with the whole family. He is receiving aquatic therapy and doing great. With these casts, he cannot go into the water, his hips will get tighter because he is not walking, but the calves and hamstrings will benefit. What is one to do? I have knee immobilizers for him now, and he screams bloody hell when I put them on him. It is difficult, and I now that you have been through so much. You are now older, and you have a right to know why you had certain things done, and what else needs to be done to help you. It is important to be in tune with your body. You probably had alot of those serial casting done to stretch the muscles, and the bones(when you had some ortho surgery).

How are you doing now? ARe you walking, how much, and far. My son can walk 4 tenths of a mile in one hour and 10 minutes. I felt like I needed a nap after that. Take care, and thanks for all of your questions. This is an awesome forum and I'm so thankful that I have found it. It has helped me tremendously.....Thanks for reading.....