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I'm sorry your having as many problems as you are...thanks for the advice on the Meth...seriously it scares me to think that a physician would prescribe me a medication that helps heroin addicts through withdrawals...now don't get me wrong...alot of people have great response to it...but right now I'm willing to try anything and everything to not increase my meds...

It's funny, neither my neurosurgeon nor my PM doctor has even mentioned a spinal cord stimulator...is this a last resort?

Best of luck!

What I have heard about methadone is that it is very good for pain plus you don't get a buzz off of it. The bad side is it is suppose to be a real bear to get off of it if you are fortunate enough to get off of narcotic pain meds.

Not that your docs don't care, but if it is not in their area expertise, they may not recommend the stimulator to you. This happened to me with several treatments (botox, & accupuncture). Depends on your insurance too as I hear it is a $60,000.00 dollar item.