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4k Is absurd, but the good thing about HMOs, is the doc can ask for anything he wants, but has an agreement to except a predertimined fee and he can't ask you to pay the diference. I was seeing an out of netwrok doc in 2000 and was always fighting to get her pre aproved, but after paying for a couple rounds of TP's myself I was motivated to find an in netweok doc. She had been charging me 60 dollars per injection site but gave me 10% off if I paid for the entire viit at the time of service..
I guess not getting paid what you request creates a huge tax write off because I would be surprised if your insurance pays for more than 20 bucks a pop. It's a 50 cent needle and has a buck worth of meds tops in it, even getting paid $20 per injection site sounds like a pretty healthy profit margin. Come to think of it, my wifes botox injections which usualy takes about 15 different injetion sights, two full syringes and an 800 dollar bottle of myoblock that she has to pay 100 bucks for creates a 1200 dollar bill but he knows he's not going to get it all.

It sounds like your doc is goiong for 0 Tax liability with huge wite offs for uncovered expenses with the insurance co's. Poor guys, how can you make a living if you can't jack the cost of a IM lidocaine injection up 4000% :rolleyes:
Those 60 dollar TP njections were in 99, so lets allow for inflation to double the cost in 8 years and your still looking at 120 bucks a pop, how many different injections sights and empty syringes amount to 4k? The price of my wifes botox, which actually has a much higher degree of liability and risk as far as doing compensable damages is still cheaper than what your doc charges. Does that come with a happy ending like a red light massage ;)

I guess if you can't take advantage of somone in pain willing to try anything for relief, who can you take advantage of. I thought I would never say it,but thank god for HMO's and negotiated fees.

Good luck, Dave