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Whooooohhh ,lyrica gave me sooooo many horrible side effects, im glad it works for some,and it did help my pain BUT falling asleep at the wheel on a 70mph bizzy interstate!! In the MORNING on the way to work ..off the road 4 times ....was the last straw, and then i was tooo out of it to know to pull over i just kept driving.Im lucky to be ALIVE. And lucky i dint KILL anyonelse.

A few of my experiances:
I been on pain meds for 8yrs now Oxycontin,Ive become resistant to them
and my Docs WONT get the message... What thaaaaa !
Im always truthfull to my docs, In my time ive not learned the reason they are
Soooo reluctant to give the pain RELIEF we soo desperatly need.I highly recomend EVRYONE collect ur complete MED RECORDS. I got one LARGE surprise when i read mine. It was stated many times that i DIDNT show signs of pain to require such large amounts of opiates.5mg of oxycodone evry six hours???.i walk hunched over have a permanant PAIN frown on my face elevated blood pressure and am constantly
massaging the parts i can reach and moving from position to position trying to get ANY relief, the DOCS have all seen this it never stops.How can they say i dont show pain??

I Fired that Doc aftr reading the records, my new PM has upped me to 2, 20mg.Oxy and 1 or 2,10mg percs evry 8 hrs im better but still in level7, 8 pain, 24hrs a day.

Monday 4 days ago we had a super cell storm lasting most of the night about 4pm my pain went sky hi. ive been telling my docs all along that WEATHER always makes the pain worse NONE of them seem to think im right.. ***?? So after crying for a few hours i go to the EMERGENCY room, by this time i can barely whealk crying and moaning from PAIN they tell me to sit an wait aftr about 10 minutes i ask for a place to lie down as i cant stand or sit by this time , they DO find a spot where im left for 2hrs moaning an crying louder all the time, i ask for an icepack aftr the 1st hour which did help a lil.Thank god, Finally im moved to the exam room another 90 min. go buy till the DOC comes in,and i continue to get worse im PRAYING my body will overdose on the pain an make me PASS OUT( i dint ) I tell him im a cp an in PM, i see him SHUTdown when he heres this.
I get an interrogation ,who,s my doc? O the guy in the town 30 miles from this Eroom the DOC SAYS,why so FAR from here?? I explain that i live in this town 10mins. from this very Eroom and work in the town the PM is in, well i would u like to explainn thhe e records i saw online where you youve been SEEN sooooooo many times he asks w/ ANGER on his face ,at this OTHR different HOSPITAL . I explain that that is where the PM i FIRED did all my procedures.
I cant beleive whatevr he was lookin at on the putr didnt state the reason i was there, nerve blocks epiduaral etc. NOT one Eroom visit EVER anywhere no MEDS evr gotten there.
He continues BLASTIN me until finally i get some words in (I finally had to say PLZ let me finish PLEASE ) still crying moaning an squirming in pain.
I tell him ive been on opiates 8yrs there NOT working im NOT asking for OPIATES ! Is there anything he can give me or recomend to my docs, whom ive told the same thing to,..methadone maybe or anthing im wiling to try anything.At this point i see the LIGHT go off ! (this guy is NOT askin for opiates) His demeanor totally changes and says im orderin u some meds itll be a minute , THEY come in an shoot me with 1mg DILAUDID an 60 mg toradol *spelling*. says i CANT give u any thing to take home, and to see my PM the next day.
I did ,taking the Eroom papers w/me, PM comes in GOES OFF on me,im a liability to him HE WONT treat me anymore,( im lying on his exam table becuase i cant even stand or sit from the pain) I finally break into HIS RANT an tell him the same thing i told the Eroom doc, he thinks a bit his face becomes CARING and COMPASSIONATE, he schedules me for a nerve block,and calls my insurance to ask authorazation to inject botox ( what would that do for muscle spasms , pain ??? does any one know ) however he did NOT change my MEDS at all...WHAT THA..?? an why not try METHADONE? ive been told emphatically NO , by 2 diff PM,s in my time while being given OXYCONTIN freely,,agin WHAT THA ??
I scheduled another NS appt. ive been told by 4 in 8 yrs that surgery may not help 50/50 was the best guess.
( i have degen discs C5-8) i will be having surgry i guess whatevr the
chances, i dont know what else to do ? Ive recently read about the Nuero stimulator ( tonight)..proly i will see if they will try that.

.. i dont know what else to do..

IM STOPPING now tho i could tell a lot more

I HOPE someone is helped by reading this.

Hi Acapt,

Botox is made from the botulism toxin, It paralyzes the muscles it is injected into, stops painful spasms from happening. It isnt effective for a long long time, but while it is, I have heard it helps quite a bit.

I am really surprised that your PM has you on Oxycontin, and doesnt want you to switch to Methadone. Have you asked him why? It does (Methadone) have a veryyy long half life, it builds up in your system and is very easy to overdose on, that may be what he is concerned about.

Did you ask the ER doc to call your PM and at least leave a message that he was ordering a shot of Dilaudid? If I did that, I would be booted out of my doctors practice, my narcotic contract wont let me accept any kind of narcotic, a shot or a script, unless my doctor approved it beforehand.

I think you need to find a new doctor, you seem to have trouble communicating with this one.

If thats not possible, I would ask him flat out, why he doesnt want to put you on Methadone, and since he wont, what WILL he offer to put you on.
Hopefully that will help.

Are you on the long acting Oxy, or the short acting? If you are on the short acting, sometimes called IR (for 'immediate release'), You could ask to be switched to the long acting, that would give you better coverage and stop the rollercoaster effect you get from the immediate release meds.

Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon,
Fabby :cool:
FAB thnks for the botox info, im on l/a20mg w/ perc 10 for b/t
No he didnt tell me why no methadone and he is the 2nd doc that has refused it to me, w no explanation why, i cant figure it out.

No i dint ask the ER doc to call, i wasnt aware that i should, but i did give ER doc all the info.
The pm im with now i have been with about 3 months aftr firing my old one, so im scared to look for another,, due to being accused of DR shopping.

I did get an appt. w/another NS that specializes in degen disc, othr NS,s have told me surgry wont help,50/50chance it will ,,im really ready to try it now ...............

thnks FAB

123 pepper UPDATES ??