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I love my fusion, I hate my fusion, I love it, hate it, UGH!
I am scared, uncomfortable, happy, tired, worried, tough, pushing through it, not sure, trying.
So now I am getting botox and it really does help. My muscle pain has no real reason for why it exists. I have an EMG with the botox. They did 15 needle sticks from my bra line up my shoulder blades, into my traps and the base of my neck. Except for my neck, the whole area is firing. If you have ever heard an EMG, there is a static sound when the muscle is quiet and relaxed, not firing. If it is "active" then there is a distinct tapping sound. Each place that tapped, got an injection of the botox. The nice thing is, the botox has not only an effect on that muscle, but an overall effect on my body. My heel and foot pain went away for a while, when the botox wore off, the foot pain came back. I am happy with it, but the first week or so after is hell. The trap muscle on my left side is the worst one. The pain from sticking needles in is horrid-it burns and I rate my pain at a ten! Last time I had to use percocet. I don't want to this time, and I don't have any, so I asked for some lidocaine patches, we'll see if that helps. Plus, the Ultram CR, heating pad, regular ultram and massage (when hubby is willing). I am so frustrated though-I just don't know WHY they are firing! My pelvis goes "out" and sends my sciatic nerve into a frenzy, I get shooting pains again and spasms in my low back. My knees hurt and my upper back is out too. My MRI of my cervical spine shows a bulge from C5-7 but that shouldn't cause my symptoms, my thoracic spine is perfect (MRI wise, not xray), but haven't looked at my lumbar spine or pelvis since I was told I was fused over a year ago. I am starting to think I need to speak to a neurologist and not just the physical med and rehab docs. Maybe there is more here than we can see, or maybe there is no answer. I don't want narcs, but sometimes, I just want an IV and some good drugs to just make me feel better!!!!! That may sound bad, I just mean a shot of dilauded couldn't hurt here and there (when I am not at work of course, or driving). Anyway, some days I feel pretty ok, others, like today, I am totally crushed.
any thoughts?
(thinking about trying some more traction, or myofacial release)(wonder if ultrasound might work?)
Have had a tens unit too, and that sucked.