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I'm a 21 year-old with left-sided hemiplegia. Just came from an initial visit with an adult orthopedist at Penn today, and she suggested botox treatments before looking into surgery. I've had tendon transfers in my hand/arm when I was 13 at duPont, but this doctor is saying I'm tight again. Just wondering about the success rate of botox in comparison to going through the surgery. I'm a full-time college student and not sure when I will have time to have any more surgeries (I've had three orthopedically-related surgeries to date.)

I also have left-sided hemiplegia. I had botox injections in my left wrist a few years ago. The injections were given without effective anesthesia or painkillers; needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant experience. I didn't notice much in the way of a beneficial effect afterward. I've also read that the effectiveness of botox decreases the more you use it, maybe because your body buils up a resistance, which is something to take into consideration.
Thanks...that is good to know. Are the botox injections uually folowed by hand therapy? The neuro-orthopedist did say that intially the hand would become weaker before it gets stronger. Did you go through any radical hand surgery following the injections?
My son had botox for spasticity in his arm followed by intensive occupational therapy. The results were very good, but you need to follow up with several weeks of more intensive OT.
I have been getting Botox injections in my left arm to help with spasticity every 3-6 months for about 2 years. It has really helped. I used to have to walked holding my left arm down, but the botox relaxes the muscles enough to where I don't smack people any longer. :) It is not the most pleasent experience, but the benefits far outway the discomfort.
Hi I just wanted to let you all know that I met with a physiatrist in November and he contradicted what the orthopedist said, not reccommending botox. He gave me finger splints to relax the fingers instead.