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[QUOTE=chiapatchie;3306992]:D Sunny... I'm really happy to hear you found your "miracle pill"!! :D

I'm going to assume then...you only take Cymbalta (for depression???) and Lyrica for, of course, your nerve pain???

Sweet jeebus! "The Gods" are really smiling on you, Sunny, and, I'm very happy for you, dear! :D

Hey Chia, You are pretty funny! Actually I am not depressed, I guess you could say in the beginning I was upset over all the pain I was in, so in a way I was depressed about being in pain and not being able to do the things I used to do. The Cymbalta is for pain and depression, and has helped me a great deal, so although I don't consider myself depressed, I suppose you could say I was. Does that make any sense?:D today I got injections in my neck, they are lidacaine and something else, probably cortisone, I am actually not sure, but it has helped my neck so far. I also have a bulging disk at my cervical c6 and c7. I am a happy person today with the lyrica working so well and now the injections. I know the injections will wear off and may not last too long. My pain management doc said we may have to go with botox. Well Chia, I am talked out, I hope you are feeling better.:)