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what are pros to botox with cerebral palsy
As I have had it explained it to me, the main aim in giving botox is not to relax the tightness although it does that. It's main aim is to give a better range of movement that the limb may not have had otherwise. That is why post botox therapy is so important, you need to target the limbs involved and work them as much as possible, retrain them if you like. It is then hoped that the limb may be able to continue a little of that movement after the botox wears off, althuogh that doesn't always happen. Correct me if I'm wrong on this because I'm not a doctor or expert.
The pros for botox is to relax the muscles(usually the hamstrings, gastrocs(calves), soleus, and posterior tibial. Those were the muscles that got the injections. My son has alot of spasticity in those(tightness), so they become somewhat paralyzed so that the glutes(butt muscles) and hips need to work more. That is why children and adults with cp kindof walk with there legs bent and they are kindof bent over because they are using there hamstrings too much(back of the leg muscles). Peter is walking straighter, but very very slow. The therapists are all so amazed in how far he has come. Believe me, I have worked hard with this boy. I have worked 2 full time jobs and went dancing 3 times a week (when i was alot younger) and dealing with Peter is so much more work. I am truly amazed at myself that I can still function because I work extremely hard with him everyday. We do stretches, and I walk with him, i do stairs with him, we do water therapy. The only thing we don't do yet is hippotherapy(horse therapy), but hopefully by next year or when he is about 5-6 years old. I'm not sure yet because I live from day to day. Back to the pros, it has helped Peter so much in keeping his back straight because he can't rely and use his hamstrings right now. He doesn't feel as tight.

The cons are that the injections are extremely painful. He got 7 injections about 2 weeks ago. They numb his legs with some cold treatments(some spray) and then they start injecting. They use this device (TPM) to help find the deeper muscle(soleus) and I pin him down while they inject him. He screamed so much this last time and he kept saying "Mama No", and it was breaking my heart. I felt like a terrible mother. Here I am helping this doctor by holding down my son and giving him this horrible pain. It was very stressful for me. I have gone to everyone of his botox injections. I could never be on the other side of the door hearing him scream. I would much rather be near him eventhough I have to help hold him down. My husband can't do it, so therefore I am the one that goes in.

He may just get the botox every 6 months now instead of 3 months. I hope so because they are wearing me out.
Glad to hear all the info. Deana will be doing botox early in the new year. I beleive she will be given gas for pain relief.