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Hey I just wanted to introduce myself, I just found this forum. Name's Tim, I'm 24, and I have very mild CP on my left side, spastic I believe. I'm graduating from college in a few weeks for computers. I'm currently working as well.

I've adapted pretty well with CP, I played little league as a kid, now I shoot hoops at my local park and do wushu(martial arts), among other physical activities. I also work out on a Total Gym, I find I can grip the handles of it easily and work out my left hand very well.

I've never done the botox for my CP, I've always been the one to go for a natural treatment. So I never really took any treatment until recently I've started taking a natural muscle relaxant pill called Formula 303. I dunno if anybody has heard of it. But it treats muscle tension, spasticity, tremors, etc. I've only been taking one at night and in the morning, though it recommends taking 2 every meal and at night. I can notice a small change, but not alot yet, only been taking it a few days, I feel less tense and more relaxed and not so jumpy/spastic. I may take the recommended if I need too. It took away alot of back and neck pain as well, great product.

Well that's my story, I enjoy talking to everyone. Really glad I found this forum.
Hey Freestyles,

Yep I agree exercise and weight training is the best thing for the muscles. I try to practice martial arts when I can as well but I hardly have the time, in a few weeks I hope to have alot more time though as college will be out. Stretching the muscles is very effective too, though some martial arts stances/stretches are hard to do so I stick to the easier ones.

About the 303, I found it on the internet I had not heard of it prior either. I decided to try it for myself, I'm always up for a natural treatment over manufactured like you said. I had taken a natural sleep aid before over drugs because I was having insomnia and it worked great so I started searching the net for a natural muscle relaxant over botox.

Given natural treatment probably isn't as effective as drugs, but I just don't like putting alot of things in my body that doesn't occur naturally. But I decided to take it on my own, I've always been that way. Not that I hate doctors, but when I was little they told my parents all these things like I'd never be able to ride a bike or climb a tree, well I've climbed trees and rode bikes so since then I've kinda never taken doctor's advice. :D