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hi i'm 24 with cp i was under a consultant when i was younger but decided not to see him anymore as he kept giving me false promises on surgery. I have been having botox injections but i don't think they work as well anymore. I have also been under a physio and she think's surgery would be a good idea now, but not sure to go about it.
Has any one else had a simular situation
Hi Berkshiregirl,

How does CP affect you? I'd be interested to hear about your experiences with Botox. I've tried botox once with some fairly unfavorable results.

I had about 6 injections in my left calf muscle and it seemed to contribute to foot pain and even flatter feet. As you know the effects wear off in a few months so I was lucky in that sense!

Hopefully your experiences were a little better than mind.. With respect to finding a medical practicioner that understands CP in adults, from my experience they have been few and far between.. I'm in seach of one too.