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Hi NLTSI, I absolutely think you could turn things around at this point if you want smething bad enough. First doing something you love is a great distraction, More importantly, if the problem is muscular, like trigger points, myofacial pain or muslce pain, one round of TP's from one doc is hardly an honest effort. It would be like saying you didn't loose 20 lbs at the gym todayy so there is no point in going back.

Your doc simply may not be good with a needle, you have nothing t compare his abilty too? There are several different techniques, one where they inject nothing and use a dry needle, so Of course I think there are docs that can do a better job with TP's, acupuncture, nerve blocks and botox that could give profound results. Then you take it a step farther and combine deep tissue massage and or myofacial release and continue PT and excercise you ars off. There is no reason to think you can't acomplish what you want due to a few bulging dics and one atempt at TP's and a few ESI's. There aren't that many people over 30 that don't have some type of disc degeneration going on. A bad bulge is one that causes loss of reflexes, loss of muscle mass, muscle atrophy, actual visable and measurable signs aside from pain or tingling.

I've had TP's from at least 7 or 8 different docs and some were very effective and some docs were 50/50 and probably got lucky some of the time and some couldn't hit the broad side of the barn. The fact is, 15 years ago, you wouldn't have been on the same dose of oxy I came home after all 3 surgeries with, for a couple bulging discs and people survived. We used and found alternative methods, tried them more than once and didn't have the entitled to instant relief from the strongest med snyndrome we see now.

Dependence is just once price we pay, this sems to have an even greater cost which was always there, it just didn't effect you so it was easy to ignore. Whether you want to look for a better doc with a needle or give him more than once chance, or are willing to do anything it takes to get off the meds are all choices and things you have the power to decide. At this point you can take back control, take a polygraph and deny history of abuse or addiction, so it seems now would be the time to make a monumental effort to get of the meds and try all the common sense alternatives every other doc either has or should suggest before trading pain relief for a life of dependency.

That old test, are the meds hindering you more than the condition? Is kind of hard to face when you feel your neck isn't bad enough to keep you from your dream job, bad enough to require surgery, but the meds are preventing it from being a reality. So what are the meds doing? Making a suck job more tolerable. Is that worth the price your paying for instant relief that requires little to no effort on your part?
There is alot you can do and alot other docs can try, How bad do you want to be a cop?
Good luck, Dave