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I suffer from CHRONIC migraines and have for over 20years. Tried all and I do mean "all" the medications for migraines. I know every Triptan, anti convulsant and muscle relaxant drug by heart. I have tried all the Oxycontins and harder drugs like Morphine but they whack me out and wont let me live a normal life. The only thing that helps is Vicoprofen and I have been taking it for five years (about four a day on average) and now find that most doctors in Ohio are not that hip about prescribing this medication for Migraine. I have exhausted almost 100K over the last ten years trying to find relief. Alternative acupuncture, three bouts of Botox injections at $750.00 a session and countless other remedies. The Vicoprofen is the only that lets me lead a semi normal life even though I still have to miss work from time to time for two to three days at a time.

What I am worried about is starting off on the wrong foot with a specialist that is not sympathetic to my plight and wont prescribe me Vicoprfen. Then I have to go through all the other crap all over again. I have ALL of my medical records for the last ten years. The file is two inches thick! I need to know if any of you know of a pain doctor (neurologist) in the Dayton Ohio area that would be a good start.

Please help. I don't want to go through months of looking for the right doctor and then being accused of Doctor shopping.:( (a new term I have learned thanks to this site)