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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi friends<

I have not posted in a few days so I wanted to check in with you all.

At this point I am still the same. I have my appointment today with the PM and I am hoping that he will want to try another facet block right into the joint this time. Unfortunately my Mom and Dad are both sick with the flu and so my Mom won't be able to take me if PM wants to do another block. I would wait untill the 25th but I am going to a recovery convention in South Lake Tohoe and I have a committment to be there. I am on the committe that is hosting the convention.

I think I posted that the Neuro want to wait for 3 months and then do a discogram and then possible ADR.

Well you guys, I am really sick of the pain and a life filled with nothing but diminished activities and doctor appointments etc...etc...etc...!!!!!!

I think that if the PM does another facet block and I do not see any real improvement with it, that I may consider calling the neuro and asking him to write the script for the discogram rather than wait for 3 months. I just think to my self why should I suffer any longer??

Do you all think that is rushing? I mean the discogram is going to tell us if the discs are the problem right? Why not get it done and procede with the proper treatment.

Anyway....what other treatments are there after the Facet blocks? I have done ESI's, and I am not really even interested in prolo therapy or in Botox injections and I have done many many many trigger points.

Really I just want to know if the cause is the discs and then move on!! I am 9 months out from the accident and over 3 months out from the foraminotomy and I feel like I am suffering an unable to move on with life. I also feel that if I am to have anymore surgery, doing so during the summer is a great choice because I will not be in school and I also do not have an endless amount of money to continue to not work. I am sure that you all understand. Unfortunatley I am the sole provider for myself and I just continue to watch my money going out and none coming in.

OK...that is enough ranting from me.!!!!

I saw that there are some friens out there who are going through a rough time and I just wanted to say Hang in there! I am here to support you as best I can. I know I have not been posting much lately, but school is really getting tough right now and it seems all my time is going into my studies.

I will chime back in with whatever my PM's paln is.

God bless Chrissy

OH...P.S. Brian how are you holding up?

Thanks everyone for thinking of me!!!

Well I just came home from the PM and I am not surprised that he did NOT want to do another facet block. He said that I just did not get enough relief with the ones that I had already.

He said there is two other things I can try if I am interested. One is Prolotherapy and the other is Botox injections. I have read a little on the two therapies and I am not particularly interested. I will need to do a bit more research on them. I jsut do not feel that they will relieve or help my neck problems.

I plan on doing a little research on the two therapies and then if I decide against them, I will call my neuro to ask for the referral to have a discogram because the pain doc does not do that procedure.

I just really want to KNOW!!!!! Ya know??? LOL Well it really is not a laughing matter just kidding there.

I really want to know for sure if the pain is coming from the bad discs that I have. If that is the case and the pain is coming from the bad discs I will be ready to move on to the ADR or is need be the ACDF which ever my doc feels is best. Right know he has only spoke of the one disc but firther testing could say different I suppose.

I was prescribed the same meds. We did not increase. He said if I need to on a really bad day take an extra percocet but he did not presrcribe enough to do that so I am in the same boat for now. If it gets to be to much then I will go back and see him again and ask for an increase. He prescribed for a month and I just picked the pain meds up from the pharmacy and it was $354.00 bucks for 30 days. That is just my pain meds. Not including any other meds I take. Yikes!!!!

So at the moment I am feeling a little down. I am just so tired of surgeries and meds and yadda yadda yadda you all know, I dont even need to go there.

I must go to school now so I will check you all later and maybe then I can read and chime in some.

Thanks everyone