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I'm sorry to hear about your problem ...

I was wondering, as you've gotten older do you notice that you sweat more or excessive ... and from your age, your not far off if not already "perimenopausal/menopausal" ... women often end up with increased sweating during this period and this can lead to increased body odor .. meds like low dose estrogen therapy have been used(although with the women's initiative data this is all but dead, but glutaraldehyde solution/aluminum chloride/glycopyrrolate/even botox can also help control sweating ... diabetes/anxiety/hyperthyroidism can also lead to excessive sweating

if sweating's not the issue, like what other's said may be true, maybe it's related to your diet(garlic, spicy foods, asparagus etc ...)

genetic wise, there are many diseases that can affect body odor, but they tend to present in infancy, things like PKU/MMA/isovaleric acidemia blah blah blah, but unlikely that you've gone this long without any other symptoms .. most of these disease have other manifestations along with odor, and for the most part urine is often what smell

diabetes can give your breath an odd odor, besides from sweating .. the so called "ketone breath" ... bad kidney disease can also give you bad breath "uremic fetor" from ammonia in your breath

but if you're truly that healthy, and with your age, I would have to guess it's either related to increased sweating and that you're going to have to use one of these hyperhydosis strength anti-persperant ?sp, or that it's from what you eat and maybe from a little contribution from both factors

best of luck