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My daughter who is 4 years old was diagnosed to be having mild CP diaplegic at the age of 2. she was walking on her own by holding onto something around 2 years but could NOT walk without holding something used to fall down frequently. We have put her on tab. liofen and PT for the last 2 years and she has improved a lot and walks independently although she is bit shaky does not have smooth walking style. We have also given her botox injection twice at both lower limbs.

Of late, I am having lots of worry and sleepless nights on her uncontrolled urination, in a day sometimes goes 50 times, mainly bcoz she does not empty her bladder. On investigation by urologists and after series of several tests ( blood , urine culture, renal scan and urodynamics) urologists concluded that she does not empty the bladder fully due to her CP. She is put on tab. Tropan to bladder pressure and on top of that we are advised to do catheterization to empty the bladder 3 times a day by inserting a tube into urthera. This we find it very uncomfortable and we are very worried how long we have to continue this procedure. If anybody has experienced this problem kindly share your experience about what could be the progress and alternatives to catheterization of urine.