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Don't apologize.....None of us understands all of this, especially in the beginning. I can't answer all of your questions, but I'll answer what I can.
Trigger points can be localized or referred. It depends on the condition. For instance, fibromyalgia trigger points are localized. If there is a specific trigger point, that is where the pain is. In Myofascial Pain, trigger points are referred, and it takes a really knowledgeable doc to know what TP to inject to releive the pain that is occuring elsewhere. That is why TP injections have never really worked for me. (I have myofascial)

So many doctors, therapists and chiros use the term "trigger point" to mean something different. So it can be very confusing. There are steroid injections and believe it or not they are now using botox injections for muscle spasms and pain. I do know, with the steroids, "over injection" to the same site can actually damamge the muscle tissue. Beyond that, I can't really explain why some people seem to have more injections than others. Maybe they are in very slightly different spots that even the patient doesn't realize. Just feels like the same spot. Or the doc doesn't know how to do them correctly. Sad, but it happens.

I hope I helped a little. I'm sure others can answer your questions more thoroughly. Take care, CMP