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My son started oral baclofen about 3 weeks ago. He is taking 10MG TAB once at night, and then half a tablet in the a.m. He was taking 10MG 2 times a day, but he was too wobbly and seemed very confused. I have decreased the dose and he seems to be doing better but still adjusting to it. Does anyone have a child taking it orally and how is the child doing? My son will also have botox next week.

He has come such a long way, and I know he still has to overcome so much. I pray so much, and as a family are so involved in helping him.

I hope everyone is doing fine. I have had a couple of bad days and am feeling so much better. It gets overwhelming sometimes, and we really forget to take care of ourselves. I can't say it enough how happy I am to have come across this board. I have learned alot, and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts......