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Hi there!

I was recently offered Prolo therapy and Botox injections for my cervical bulging discs. At the time the PM offered these things we did not know that I had tearing and fissures in my discs.
Anyway, my PM told me they were both kind of spendy procedures. The Botox being very spendy.
I have a friend who has had 14 spinal surgeries. Yes it is true. He lives with constant everyday pain just as we do. He was in may car accidents and also aquired a spinal infection somewhere down the line.
He has recieved Prolotherapy in his lower back and swears by them. He had some tendon and ligametous problesm in his lower back. (constantly tearing). He had to stop getting them done because the company he worked for went out of business and Medicaid will not pay for them.

I opted to not try either of the two therapies. Botox is not really even medically approved for the use my PM would be doing. He even was the one to tell me this.
They just did not sound like real concrete things. To much grey area.

I hope that you will find releif soon