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Hello Im new to the message board I came across this board whilst browsing google for tips re potty training toddlers with mild spastic diplegia. It was nice to read the threads from older children with mild CP. My Daughter was born 13 weeks early at 9months health vistor said we would make an appointment with physio as she was not sitting or moving around the floor i didn't think much of this as she was my first child and i just thought she was 13 weeks early so give her a chance. After a few physio sessions she was rolling, sitting and crawling we were so happy at 18months at a hospital appointment with the consultant we noticed her legs would go stiff when trying to stand and scissor we then had the diagnosis of mild cp spastic diplegia. We were shocked we didn;t know anything about CP and just worried for the future. I have now stopped worring and just take everyday as it comes Charlotte is now 2 and half has physio once a fortnight at home and speech theapy once a month she can now cruise around the furnture, walks great holding my hand and with her frame and when she really wants to can walk unsupported from one sofa to the other (roughly 15 steps) she sings her little song, "i do walking, I do walking:)" we went to my neice sports day last week and she now says, "I do running" has a really good go bless:) she can crawl up the stairs and comes down on her bottom. Charlotte has very good understanding, she will be starting nursery 2 mornings a week in September she will be having one to one for the first term i'm a little worried as she is very nervous around other children (i ithink she is afraid of being knocked over?) People tell me that Charlotte will walk unsupported and i believe she will too. I am thinking about potty training soon she doesn't tell me she needs a wee and is happy to sit in a soiled nappy she can get on and off a potty chair but not able to pull up or down underwear. I put her in pants this am and she told me she was wet and said wee but when i asked her to sit on potty she had a hissy fit and then refused to put on dry pants after lots of weeing on the carpet and refusing to sit on the potty she went back in a nappy i'm not sure if she is ready or not. We go to Birmingham Children hospital in October on our last visit we were told her hips were fine and she may have botox injection in the future at what age would she have this? i do her exercises everyday and although she is not that keen on the water i take her swimming once a week. Thanks for reading and it would be lovely to be in touch with people in the same position as myself. I have also found out i am 6weeks preg which we are excited about but also worried that history is going to repeat itself i am also a little worried to how i'm going to cope with a baby and a toddler with mild CP as i dont get much family support only from my sister but she doesn;t live nearby and will also have a 5month old by the time we have our baby. take care Caroline & Charlotte x