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Has anyone heard of Belladonna being used to help with stress and anxiety on a regular basis?

Not sure is th is true or feasible, but was wondering about side effects and amounts, I am 40, good physical shape, exercize 3 times a week, and don't eat any red meat or dairy (soy milk ans products only) BAD neck issues failed surgery, BOTOX for main problems and facet injections in other areas....

Info: need something for stress and anti-anxiety, after reading a couple of posts would kike to keep things "natural if possible"

Again, as I have said in past posts, might be just somethng I'm going through short term (I hope) and if possible don't want additional medication if it is something that will just work itself out.

Got some great information through a different posts on some natural remedies for other female issues, I can always run it by my Bro for reaction from himm, he knows what I take now so can verify any interaction for me if it is something to add to help.