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Thank you again for more great responses. I have that Holland poem on my office wall and I read it a lot. Some days it's hard to yearn for Michaelangelo and still appreciate your Rembrandt but the Tulips are beautiful and it's not a horrible place. But the economy is worse and there's a lot less time in a day and it's hard to deal with those some days.

I think what I meant by I would change things is that I don't WANT him to have to know what it's like not to be 'typical'. I won't even use the word "normal" because what the heck IS "normal" these days anyway. But would I rather he get to go to soccer practice instead of physical therapy and botox injections?? Heck yes. Do I want it for me anymore? Not really. I want it for him. I want him to be able to do the things he wants to do without my help. I know that a time will come where I will have to explain that I am just so happy he is here and I wouldn't have it any other way. After reading our medical records, we are just so thrilled he's with us. I know it will make him who he is and if he hadn't had these challenges he would be a different person and I know I'm going to love the person he is. But as any parent will tell you, you don't want your child to have those challenges. Would you change your child getting cancer if you could? Undoubtedly every person would say yes. I don't want him to have hardship or to have to ask me to help him go down the slide. I want that freedom for HIM.

So all those thoughts... I do hope I can express to him that I wouldn't change one thing about HIM but I would love to have been able to give him more. The way things played out, it turns out this WAS the BEST possible scenario so changing anything would have been awful and I will never hope for that. But I do wish I could make those other things happen for him and we'll try our best to do that. And I think he has to know that too.

Would anyone mind enlightening me more on what it's like to have CP? What frustrations do you have most often? What things that people do make you most uncomfortable or most at ease? Do/did you mind if your parents make you do things you don't want to do (my son is particularly in the mindset of wanting me to just do it for him and I battle with making him frustrated and having to do it himself)? I love hearing these perspectives and I am grateful you are so willing to share them with me :) You're quite a great group of people :cool:
When I was growing up, my mom and dad told me I was different, but they tried to treat me like a "normal" child as much as they could. They had me try to do things for myself whenever they could. They didn't sugar coat anything because the CP was what it was, and it wasn't going to change. I believe they did the best thing for me because I am relatively independent now. I do think you need to be up front with him about his disability. Let him know that it is ok to be upset sometimes when he can't do certain things. Praise him when he does something independently..especially now since you are having problems with that.

As far as things that make me uncomfortable..I don't like it when people (adults or kids) stare at me. I know that kids are just curious, but the adults should know better. A glance doesn't bother me, but staring at me after I'm ten feet away from you is ridiculous..sorry just had to vent a little.

One thing that I wish I would have known about a long time ago was Botox. The Botox has improved my mobility a lot. I am a completely different person (walking wise) than I was a year ago.

I just thought I'd add my input...