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Has anybody ever had botox injection? I ask because I live with chronic muscle pain 17 years now. A good day is 5-7 pain level, last couple of weeks has been 8-10. I have taken all sorts of pain meds and REMOVED is destroying my kidney and liver now. No doc knows what is wrong and now I have been told to try botox injections. Any success anyone? I get sooo depressed, angry frustrated with the docs. Seems like nobody cares.
Cecelia99 feeling helpless :(
Hi Ceicelia, I suffer from a condition called Cervical Dystonia which are severe and uncontrollable muscles spasms of the neck. I've had Botox injections before and they did nothing for me. I now have problems with the spasms speading down into my back. I take Soma 350 mg 4 x a day to help keep them under control but then there's days that they don't even help. The only other thing that I have tried that helps are what they call Sedrol Medrol shots which are made up of Prednisone and something else. When they get so bad and stay that way for days, I go to the ER and get a shot of this. There are some people that do have success with Botox injections so maybe you should give it a try. You won't really know into you try them because people do react different and no 2 people react the same way to different medications.