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hi - how has the wellbutrin worked out for you? i just started it 5 days ago. i was on it last summer and lost about 7 lbs. (i was under a lot of relationship stress at the time, but still i went to a weight i had not been able to get to for years). i am concerned that i might gain weight on wellbutrin this time, as some people apparently do. i would really like to hear about anyone's experience with wellbutrin.

There was an interesting medical research study recently (you can find the articles by doing an internet search for "weight loss" and "bupropion," wellbutrin's real name) that found that 24 weeks of taking wellbutrin "in combination with a lifestyle intervention program that included an energy-restricted diet and exercise, resulted in significant weight loss in obese patients."

During the initial 24-week period, the people in the study (which involved a moderate exercise regimen in addition to a reduced-calorie diet (600 fewer calories per day than normally would be required to maintain their current weight) facilitated by the use of a twice-daily meal replacement (slim-fast)and receiving Bupropion SR) lost weight as follows: those who took Bupropion SR 400mg/day lost a larger percentage of initial body weight (10.1 percent) than those receiving Bupropion SR 300mg/day (7.2 percent) or those receiving placebo (5 percent).

Note that the article states that Bupropion SR has not been approved by FDA for weight loss and has not been studied extensively in obese patients. Bupropion/zyban/wellbutrin is used for depression but also as a stop-smoking aid.