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Here is something I read about just yesterday in a magazine: Quit smoking with the women-only miracle drug! It is called bupropion - I have never heard of it but am going to search for information on it today.

Every time I have quit smoking, I get really depressed and just don't feel like myself. I have used patches and nicorette and zyban. All worked but, the last time I quit (nicorette) I told my husband I was so depressed that I could barely function and I thought it was the lack of cigarettes. He laughed, said it couldn't possibly be. He can quit with no problem, has done so, the last time has lasted 7 years.

When I say this article I took it to him. What it says is: Women who use Bupropion increase their chances 300%, the reason it works so well on women, the brain chemistry of women is different, female quitters commonly struggle with depression and the Bupropion eases it. AHA! I am not crazy after all.

For men, the best method is nicotine replacement. For men, nicotine addiction is usually more physical than emotional, so decreasing their daily intake (tapereing) is all that's needed.

Going to call my doctor this morning.
Bupropion IS Zyban. Zyban is simply the brand name for generic Bubropion. So if you said that worked for you once, maybe you should give it another try. Good luck.