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Have enjoyed reading the postings but have a question as the "new kid". I am down to 30 mg. methadone and will be starting on 8 mg Suboxone after 24 hours off the Methadone. I'm really scared! What can I expect? Am going through my psychiatrist and she isn't too helpful, but has me on Clonidine, Bupropion, Fluoxetine, Trileptal, and the new prescriptions "look like" Bendryl and Motrin. I was a heavy drug user for 24 years and the Methadone worked great but I've been on it for about 3 years and it sure limits where you can travel to. It definitely saved my life, but I like the freedom that the Suboxone will give me if I can get through this first stage. I'd love some input because I have a feeling this is going to be rough! Oh, I also heard people say the Suboxone makes them feel "high" when they started. Is there a chance I'm going to start craving the heroin and pills?
Thanks for your help.