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I quit smoking about 2 years ago and I used nicotine replacement. It comes in several forms: gum, patch and lozenges can be purchased OTC in the US and an inhaler is available by Rx. Also available by Rx is the drug wellbutrin (bupropion) which is sometimes prescribed along with nicotine replacement to aid smoking cessation. Studies have also shown that nicotine replacement ups the likelihood that a quitter will stay quit. The studies have also demonstrated that support along with NRT and/or Wellbutrin increase the likelihood of staying quit also. I interpret support to be either 3D such as in a group setting or even online support. There are online support groups on the web, some of them quite active. This particular one isn't very active but hunt around and you can find the more active ones.

Quitting isn't easy but it IS possible and there is help available.