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Quote from miper:
I actually had to quit taking one because I felt like it was making me go hyperthyroid. It was a supplement made just for the thyroid.
I feel pretty good, just getting a little depressed because I now know what I am going to have to do to lose weight and get everything in check and I just don't know if I have it in me anymore.

I know it's hard. Sometimes you just get tired of trying...like that willpower muscle is just exhausted.

Before you do anything (forget about my crazy diet plan for now), try weight training like I do for two weeks. It burns fat way better than anything else. I personally don't think that traditional aerobic exercise is that effective at all, actually. The fat loss is just so insignificant compared to weight training that I just don't bother anymore. It may be your least sacrificial option in that you might be able to keep your diet the same and start losing weight again. In fact, I really think you would.

I know you aren't big on pharmaceuticals, but sometimes they can help. Your doctor is pushing metformin. And assuming you have syndrome X, that's probably the best option, medicine wise. Should you find new inspiration later (and I bet you will), you can get off of it without a problem.

Another option that I've been looking into is bupropion, which is the generic for the antidepressants wellbutrin and zyban (the stop smoking med). One human study showed a dramatic increase in weight loss vs. a low calorie diet without it. It could also help with that drained feeling, and you can get off it too without difficulty (in fact antidepressants are often supposed to be temporary). It isn't approved as a weight loss drug yet, so your doctor may not be familiar.

In regards to glucose control...it has been addressed. I saw several research abstracts from obesityresearch.org, but to see the full texts it costs money...it's obesityresearch d o t org, not d o t com...geez. I understand that they can't operate on nothing, but I think this info should be free, especially if the study is over a year old. Can't the cost of a free look be covered in the operating costs of the study? The big drug companies already have enough of our collective money to afford a free plug.

Okay, I'm starting to rant...

Just do the best you can, Miper. I used to have to be so careful, but it's so much easier now. I bet someday you'll be able to eat almost like a "normal" person, too. :)