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The specifics of the CV diseases you mention are unknown to me; I am not a psychiatrist, but say that I have studied ADHD as an affected person, but also one who is ambivalent as to the citing and naming of the condition. It is something, certainly but I have a feeling it is not at all what appears to be the case. After all it has changed names, over the years as the mystery unravels. All I can tell you from a wealth of knowledge is that of all stimulants - and I believe that all other treatments with the exception of bupropion that are also antidepressant in their nomenclature are worse for the heart generally e.g. desipramine, probably atomoxapine (Straterra) - the one that has least systemic effects (effects on bodily functions OTHER than the CNS is methamphetamine Desoxyn. It's expensive, there is great deionization associated with it and HARD to get. Go to a pharmacy in even one of the more 'enlightened cities, and you'd think you were obtaining plutonium. Unless your physician is a very comfortable individual with ADHD the DEA and the realities of the drugs, he probably will refuse to prescribe. Try it.