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I was on the boards a few weeks ago, I was anxiously dreading a dr. appt. that I had yesterday. I know that I suffer from severe anxiety but I couldn't work up the nerve to ask for help for the anxiety from my dr. I asked him to put me on something to help me quit smoking so he put me on bupropion sr (generic wellbutrin sr). I've been on several anti-depressants over the last 20 years but haven't been on anything for about 3 years. The last one I was on was effexor sr and I heard that the bupropion sr is in a similar class of drug as wellbutrin. I remember though, starting any new drug is a challenge and I'm not looking forward to starting it. I just picked them up today, but I'm probably going to start taking them this weekend. Did one of you say that they made you feel high? I just don't want to feel nauseas or vomit. I think I can deal with some of the other side effects ( I hope). Can anyone here say whether or not wellbutrin helps anxiety disorder as well as depression? I hope it helps me. I am a fatty (teehee...) and I am sure afraid of gaining more weight but the dr. said that the medicine might help me lose weight (yeayyyyyyyy!) but I just don't want to lose it by throwing up. I am kind of scared to start this medicine. I hope the benefits outweigh the consequences.
Thanks for listening.