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I feel like I am alone now, I won't go into all the details but the busparione I was taking no longer works. so, I was waiting for my doc to call and tell me if I can stop taking it. Well that is not what happened. I was told to increase the dose from 15mg 2 x a day to 3 plus add 100mg of bupropion and if I don't have side effects with that go up to 200mg.
I was also told it is time to see a psychiatrist. She said it is because I am not responding to treatment. I already see a behavioral medicine specialist Ph.D...why do I need a psyciatrist??? She said they can manage the meds...what the heck is there to manage???

frist of all!!! 5 pills plus 1 to 2 bupropion, Lorazapam when I need it. (this does not last long) and a thyroid med (this was just checked awhile ago and it was fine. Going through my liver does not sit well with me...I can't do this...I feel like giving up...it feels like they have so I am alone now.

I don't do well on ssri's so this is the end for me I guess and I do this alone