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Yes, they are the exact same thing.. I am on SR, and I love it.. :)

The only reason that XL was even invented was because SR no longer was profitable. Basically, when a new drug comes out, no one is allowed to make a generic (cheaper) version of it for a certain number of years. Anyways.. So for a while Wellbutrin SR was not available generically... but finally it DID become available generically (which is why your insurance covers it; cuz it's way cheaper), so GlaxoSmithKline had to invent a new, slightly altered version of the drug, so that they could make money off of that for a few years, before that one also becomes available generically. Thus, the birth of Wellbutrin XL.

So your prescription bottles probably say "bupropion" on them.. because that is the generic/chemical name.. But no worries.. as the o ther poster said.. other than taking it 2x a day, it is EXACTLY the same.