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My doctor has given me a prescribtion for bupropion and I'm already taking 350mg of wellbutrin xl. Does anyone have any experience with the bupropion?
Any information would be helpful as I am to take my first dose tonight. Anyone please.....
Did you ask your doctor why he gave you the prescription? There is a caution about taking buproprion if you are already taking medication with buproprion which is the active ingredient in Wellbutrin. When doing a search, it said you could take up to 450mg/day of Wellburtrin/bupropion.

Is your lastest prescrip for 100 mg's/day ?

If it is more, I would ask pharmacist or put in a call to your doctor or doctor on call to make sure everything is right.
As KJ said, Wellbutrin IS Bupropion. But, XL is NOT any better than SR. You just have to take SR 2x a day. So, if you have problems remembering to take meds more than once a day, then the XL would be better.. But if you can remember to take it 2x a day, you might as well get SR, because you can get that generically and it's much less expensive.