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[QUOTE=trg247;2734636]antidepressants- wellbutrin, effexor, remeron
mood stabilizer - lithium
antipsycotic - zyprexa

I have severe major depressive disorder with psycotic features, post traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that affects a certain chemical in the brain, I am not sure which one.


Hi Trg :wave: If I may ask, are YOU a combat veteran? I'm an Air Force vet. :cool:
.... My heart is with you...I'm cursed with the same mess. :eek:
But, I finally ended up with taking this wretched PAXIL which has got to go!! So, I've been researching the Wellbutrin for me.
And, I do use XANAX only when totally necessary for several reasons.
Trg...my PTSD really slammed me into a "steel-enforced brick wall" about 19 years ago at the young age (which almost all women chose to stop counting at :angel: ) of the old "infamous" 39!!

Wellbutrin (chemical name is BUPROPION) DECREASES REUPTAKE OF DOPAMINE in the central nervous system ....and, DIMINISHES THE UPTAKE of SEROTONIN and NOREPINEPHRINE in the CNS...all of which is connected within our amazing BRAIN activity! Whew!! :dizzy:

Hope you are getting along much better each day!!

Ginny :angel: