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Hi Triplex! I got a case of hives so bad in February of 2001 from that darned Wellbutrin--mostly delayed reaction--but it also could have been because of the food dye (red) because I'm allergic to that. They keep checking my thyroid and only once did it show elevated antibodies (72 with a ratio of 0-60). Now, not only did I have such an awful outbreak resulting in Claritin, Nasonex, Periactin and now Prednisone(with the antihistamines stopped by Friday for allergy testing), I am now suffering with my diverticulosis. IT SEEMS LIKE I FELT BETTER WHEN I WAS SMOKING!!:dizzy: Only in a small way, but in the long run, I know it was killing me. It's been almost 13 days without one and let me tell you THIS IS SO DARNED HARD!!! But, I'm amazed that I make each day without it, though. I am the most miserable sob to get along with, but I figure it's because of the allergies and the diverticulosis. AND GOD FORBID IF ANYONE DISTURBS MY SLEEP! Like you feel like committing manslaughter. All this and being 22 1/2 years in alcohol recovery, over 8 years without Klonopin, 6 years caffeine recovery, and right now, no antidepressants. I'm not trying to win an Academy Award; I just keep asking God to help me feel better. You made me feel so not alone when you told me about your experience with the Wellbutrin. I was so sick I couldn't breathe right either. My husband took it for depression and felt so much better, but everyone's makeup is different. We'll have to join "Bupropion Anonymous" because it's poison to us! LOL Any time in the past I have always gotten the hives from quitting smoking, but I think the thyroid thing was suppressed for years and it always reactivates after quitting the cigs. Maybe others have had the same experience also. Would love to hear from others with this problem, too. Take care and happy scratching:jester: --Hopeto--