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so far my pdoc has just put me on 150mg of bupropion sr (once a day in the mornings). from what i understand that's not even very much, is it? not that i want to be heavily medicated or something, i want to start conservatively because i don't want to end up numb or something, but that's not a slap in the face and like a placebo type treatment, is it? i've been reading up on this and it looks like people who use bupropion as a smoking cessation take 150mg twice a day, and when it is prescribed for bipolar disorders it's usually prescribed with a mood stabilizer because using only a anti-depressant can trigger manic episodes.

so far it has been working great, but i just started on friday and have only had two normal days so far. i guess it's not even supposed to really start working until the third week at the earliest. so, we'll see, i guess. just don't know what to take things for. when i saw my tdoc for the first time i was hesitant to even start taking anything because i didn't even feel like bipolar disorders were real...i just thought that's what they dx-ed when they didn't know what to attribute crazy behavior to (as the only bipolar person i have ever know is my wild cousin, or at least the only bipolar person who i had known to be dx-ed as such).

anyhow, is this just what they start you out on when they're not sure what's going on with you yet and they see how you react and go from there? do they always start this conservatively unless you've got some obvious things going on?