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the anxiety gets better. Ive always had it but I now take klonopin maybe once a week versus everytime i took my wellbutrin. The insomnia is hard to say because Ive always had it. even on effexor. It got worse on the wellbutrin so he is perscribing me remeron to help w that. Well see if that helps I havnt taken it yet. Also taking a klonopin will help u sleep too but just be careful and only take it as needed cause coming off klonopin is like heroin. withdrawls lasted me about 25 days. But I was on it everyday for a few yrs before i went off it. I went to jail for a month so thats why i got off, they wouldnt give it to me. But after being off it I can now take it as needed.Sometimes its a bad week and I have to take it a couple times a day for a week and am still fine stopping. So just be careful and take it as needed. And the tired thing. It can affect the energy. It calms you down ALOT and gives u a little bit of a buzz when u first start it. But during the day I would just break the pill in half and it would be just enought to kill the anxiety. He should start you w .5 mg which u can break up if it makes you too tired if u have to take it during the day. I find it doesnt necessarily take away my drive or basic energy. But it will calm you down if your hyper. But if it makes you SLEEPY, your on too much except for maybe bedtime to help you sleep so break it up.

Are you on the generic wellbutrin, bupropion? Or the brand name wellbutrin? Ive heard alot of people notice a big difference and im on the generic which isnt working so well anymore. Im only on 100mg 2/day which is very low. But Im wondering if I should try the brand name before asking to try something else. But you say you love it so Im just wondering if its brand name. I did love it too after the effexor, I felt better than I had in a long time. But I was on 150 mg 2 a day so it was a higher dose. Maybe I just need to up my dose. I went down to 100 mg cause I was going to try and get off everything but im kinda crashing again so I have to figure something out. But no bad side effects from the klonopin as long as your on a good dose. Too much will make ya tired throughout the day but that is all. Ive actually lost weight from the wellbutrin. which I dont like cause im a guy and already skinny lol. but other than weight loss I havnt really noticed any neg effects. (insomnia and anxiety but thats just from comin off the effexor as well)