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[FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Well I've had ADD all my life. NOT ADHD. They are two totally different disorders. But anyway, I'm sorta proud to have it because it can be an excuse if you mess up at work or something. "Sorry, I have ADD" Hehe.
I knew I couldn't pay attention when I was little but I thought it was normal. I took Zoloft and Wellbutrin in high school and they helped but now that I have to pay for my own insurance, I can't really afford them. I'm taking Bupropion right now which is generic for Wellbutrin but it's mostly for depression.

Anywayz, when I go to the doctor next I will ask for another generic drug that is only for treating ADD and paying attention. I don't know what is out there though. It sucks to have to read the same sentence in a book like 4 times to understand what its saying and church is worse. I love going but when it gets boring I am thinking about anything and everything other than what the pastor is talking about lol.

That's all, thanx for reading!