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Thanks for your help.

The only other medication I am prescribed is 30mg dextroamphetamine a day; obviously this typically helps with the depression.

I know that I can feel it coming on, the problem though is: you can always feel it coming and say "are these feelings real? Why is this coming?" but I know as well as you in a few weeks those thoughts become "This is real. This is how it is, period." I dont know, I have about 100 bupropion stashed up in my med cabinet and I am going to try to take those until this passes. Frankly I would rather cope with being hypomanic (this is usually only beneficial to me) than mess up everything over some silly depressive break.

I wish I could get some more dexedrine or lamictal, the dexedrine would help but that is clearly not a long term solution, and I am just about maxed out on the lamictal dosing schedual.

I dont actually have a pdoc, just my regular physician and she really cares about me and I like her alot. I guess I will see how trying to fight my way out of this goes until I see her in december...